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Five Emerging Business Opportunities in Dubai


Having undergone impressive development over the past few decades, Dubai has a certain allure that few cities can match. With more foreign companies scrambling to find their footing in the city with every passing year, however, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for those late-comers to stand out from the crowd, especially when it comes to well-established, competitive industries. 


Thankfully, Dubai’s fast-moving economy is always evolving, presenting new windows of opportunities to savvy, enterprising businesses each and every day. 


Here are five of the biggest emerging business opportunities that you’ll want to keep an eye out in the years to come. 


With eCommerce continuing to grow in the region, freighting companies will continue to play a dominant role in Dubai’s economy, particularly when you consider the physical proximity of the emirate to important sea, land and air transit routes. 


Moreover, with areas such as the Jebel Ali Free Zone offering pre-built, ready-for-use facilities such as offices and warehouses to businesses making shop in the region, new companies will already be equipped with the infrastructure they need to find success. 


Dubai was once a hotly contested battleground for the biggest global players such as Microsoft and IBM, but there is increasingly a great deal of opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as SMEs. 


Particularly, tech-focused research and development firms focused on renewable energy and telecommunications will find a great deal of success, as both are areas that Dubai is focusing on as industries influential to their long-term growth. 


Given the consistent interest in Dubai on the part of foreign businesses, it only makes sense that there’s a sizeable window of opportunity for those well-versed in the nuance of doing business in the region to lend a helping hand. 


Whether your specialty lies in guiding business towards the acquisition of the correct license, helping them navigate the administrative bureaucracy of the region or aiding them by outlining the incorporation process, there will always be a need for the knowledge and experience of those who are familiar with the intricacies of doing business in Dubai. 


 As part of its push to become one of the world’s leading smart cities, Dubai has focused heavily on the development of a comprehensive technological infrastructure that improves the connectivity rates of its residents. This has resulted in a base of consumers that are increasingly turning to their mobile phones and computers to make purchases, connect with their friends and families and consume their media. 


This means that the field is ripe for advertising agencies to really make headway in the market. In fact, Dubai’s Media City is home to some leading companies and advertising networks alike. Tapping into this rich infrastructure and tech-savvy populace has never been easier or more accessible than it is today. 


Dubai is incredibly strategically positioned—with access to both the lucrative Middle Eastern and Asian markets, it’s no wonder that the city has become one of the world’s major financial hubs. This influx of capital has opened the door a wide array of investment firms to find unprecedented success. 


In fact, with the DIFC’s unique economic laws giving businesses located within its borders a leg up on other global and regional competitors, investment firms are becoming increasingly important to the economic landscape, and will be for the foreseeable future. 


As the modern economy continues to evolve and adapt to the world around us, there will always be new avenues to explore for businesses interested in taking advantage of the windows of opportunity that are being opened up as a result. 


While there will be plenty of fields that will continue to play a major role in the economic landscape of the city moving forward, the five listed within certainly demonstrate a level of potential that makes them appealing to established businesses and SMEs alike.  

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