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Nimbus Consultancy?


Our focus on cultivating firm local roots has enabled us to obtain first-hand knowledge of the complex regulatory landscape facing international and newly established businesses alike. Our full suite of services emphasises compliance to help you expertly navigate Dubai's bureaucracy with the goal of having you become truly independent faster than your competition.


Having helped businesses across the world successfully transition to the primary commercial hub of the Middle East, Nimbus Consultancy is acutely aware of the most common pitfalls and hazards facing businesses operating in a new environment. Our team is well-positioned to efficiently and reliably guide you through all the hoops and hurdles required to set yourself up.


Intimately familiar with the city, its governance structure, standards, and operating procedures, our teams are uniquely capable of providing your business with all of the most pertinent information necessary to set your new office branch up for long-term success. With Nimbus Consultancy, you will be well taken care of through our consultancy and hands-on services.

Valuing Transparency

Nimbus Consultancy is committed to helping our clients build profitable local enterprises. Whether you need one or our full suite of services, sharing these key values of openness, communication, and accountability enables you to extract more from our partnership. We help you excel by applying these lessons learned throughout the process in a constructive and meaningful way.

Paving the

way forward

Paving the

way forward

Applying First-Hand Experience

Experience is paramount in all aspects of a business. Navigating a foreign market that exhibits unique attitudes, perceptions, and market conditions, you must always know what next step to take. Let us take the guesswork out using our structured, day-to-day processes to help oversee your new operations.

No one exemplifies this better than Nimbus Consultancy—our teams, well-versed in navigating local financial regulations and managerial requirements, have developed an expert familiarity with Dubai’s nuanced business environment. Leveraging this experience at every turn, we’re better capable of providing you with the actionable, highly targeted insight necessary to make your business venture a profitable one.

Whether incorporating a new business from the ground up, expanding your offices or reporting your financials, trust Nimbus to walk you through the finer details so you can focus on the bigger picture.

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Learn more about us.

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Meet our talented and passionate people.

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Tell us about your business needs to help us serve you better.