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Ethical and compliant businesses with a well-controlled environment can better reduce the risk of legal or regulatory sanctions and material, financial and reputational loss. We provide compliance services and regulatory advice to help our clients reduce the risk of non-compliance.

• Corporate governance reviews / health check audits
• Assistance with Economic Substance notifications and filings
• UBO information filing
• Registration on the goAML platform and assistance with TFS reporting obligations

SPVs are vital in dealing with investment money, real estate, risk management, asset ownership, and fundraising. An efficient and thorough setup of SPVs is essential for the success of multinational corporations with a global presence. Companies with complex corporate structures that operate abroad often face stricter rules which can be a significant burden to manage. Concerning limited business purchases or funding structures, Nimbus has contacts and experience with SPVs in both on- and offshore Free Zones that can help. We administrate and manage SPV accounts based on your organisation's structure and purpose and help you maximise your performance.

Staying on top of the administrative and statutory requirements that apply to overseas operations can be a difficult and time-consuming job. We will organize your corporate secretarial services with the help of our team, so that you get to spend more time on strategically important, value-added activities.

• Ensuring license and lease renewal deadlines are met and assisting with the process
• Dealing with Regulating Authorities to obtain No Objection Certificates and approvals
• Applying for changes of company details (name, registered address, etc.)
• Applying for transfer of shares and changes in company officers
• Maintaining statutory records and registers
• Issuing reminders for accounting deadlines
• Conducting correspondence and meetings with the authority
• Drafting of standard minutes and shareholders resolutions
• Filing minutes and audited financial statements with the authority

When setting up a new business or expanding into new markets, directorship services can help you navigate the complexities of corporate law. We will manage your company's day-to-day operations, ensure that it complies with all applicable local laws and regulations, and assist you with your directorship requirements.
Working with experienced directors helps maintain high standards of corporate governance while ensuring adherence to local requirements. Thanks to our independence, we can offer sound guidance and support.

With our international network of highly skilled professionals, we offer a comprehensive range of domiciliation and management services. Wherever you are in the world, we have the local expertise on the ground to support you.
We cover all domiciliation services to help streamline your international operation, including provision of registered address, dedicated telephone line and assistance with handling your post. Nimbus will support your global expansion by providing you with a local presence with total convenience.

How we help

As business management and administration leaders, we value long-term client relationships. Our goal is to get you up and running quickly and provide ongoing support to ensure you maintain an excellent reputation. Our commitment to ongoing professional development is at the forefront of who we are and what we do.

Expert advice, responsive support

We are here to assist you in avoiding some of the most common pitfalls and hazards when relocating to the primary commercial hub of the Middle East. By leveraging our services, we can assist you in reaching your global business objectives faster than you can ever imagine.

Worldwide presence

Thanks to our global network of affiliates, third-party providers, and the regionally tailored services we offer, we can maintain compliance with national and local laws.

Professionalism and integrity

Clients of Nimbus are assisted by a global staff of skilled specialists. Every detail is handled by a single point of contact that helps you save time and resources so you can concentrate on your primary business functions without worry.

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Meet our talented and passionate people.

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