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Asset protection is a crucial component of financial planning that protects one's assets from creditor claims. Individuals and businesses use asset protection techniques to limit creditors' access to certain valuable assets while adhering to debtor-creditor law. Our solutions for asset protection include foundations, wills, trusts and more. We can combine your philanthropic, private wealth, and business interests to achieve your objectives and realise your legacy vision. We ensure that your financial plan and decision-making across all jurisdictions will be executed efficiently and to your satisfaction.

After building a successful family business, it's reasonable to wish to protect its future and succession, as well as management, maintenance, and asset holdings. Our comprehensive approach helps you manage assets, property interests, artwork, and other valuables and help you form and administer private trusts.

We spend time understanding your needs and goals, so our team of experienced professionals can build a simple solution to generate smooth, cost-efficient, value-adding results.

Like a private office, we simplify and coordinate your commercial and personal affairs across all jurisdictions. A variety of features are available to meet your requirements—these range from asset protection privacy, taxation, and financial accounting to performance reporting and strategy development.

Our sophisticated compliance framework ensures the highest levels of corporate governance and independence, ensuring that conflicts of interest are avoided.

Nimbus can recommend banks and assist you in opening local bank accounts. We know that every business's needs are different, so we help you by selecting the most suitable bank that will lead you on your path to success. Throughout the whole process, we are in constant communication with the bank and take care of completing the necessary paperwork to get you up and running.

How we help

Nimbus offers a comprehensive range of private wealth services and specialists in the provision of wealth administration. We create tailored structures that suit your requirements and are tax efficient.

Unrivaled expertise

We can provide cost-effective solutions since we are the leader in covering the most requested onshore and offshore countries and understand their local legislation. The independence and experience of Nimbus assist in the coordination, protection, and growth of private and corporate wealth.

You will have direct access to advisors whose knowledge of local rules and regulations can assist you in developing and managing complex, high-value arrangements for overseas customers.

Our services help expedite your entry into international markets. As an all-encompassing partner, we can assist you with establishing, maintaining, and managing your businesses abroad.

Solutions tailored to your needs

With the globalisation of individuals, families, and their assets and the trend toward greater transparency, the scope and sustainability of offerings required from intermediaries and service providers have changed. Our Private Client Services team is well-versed in the unique requirements of high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs, families, family, and their businesses.

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Take a look at
how we operate.

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Meet our talented and passionate people.

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Tell us about your business needs to help us serve you better.