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Everything You Need to Know About 2022’s IFIN Expo

Looking for the next big corporate event to circle on your calendar?

Well, the Innovative Finance Expo—IFIN for short—is coming to Dubai in November, and it’s slated to be an event that you might want to keep an eye on.

Having run yearly since 2015, the event has made stops in key markets such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Sydney, and it’s now Dubai’s turn to play host to innovative experts in the field of finance.


A forum for industry experts and institutions in the field of finance to come together and discuss the future of the financial industry, the IFIN Expo is a premier event focused on pioneering key developments in the field.

With everything from Forex to Crypto being subject for discussion and debate, modern businesses interested in the financial sector will benefit greatly from being involved in the discussion and the mix. Given that the theme of the Expo is all about making finance more efficient, you’ll definitely want to be a part.


 The event will be held at Jumeirah Emirates Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road on November 15th and 16th. While you still have time to plan for the event, it’s not here for very long, so be sure to look into getting a ticket quickly if you’re interested in attending. It’s important to note that the event is completely free to attend, so you should definitely consider making a stop if the topics to be discussed are of interest to you.

With well-known entrepreneurs attending the event alongside industry titans, there will be plenty of interesting topics to discuss, experiences to be shared, and people to meet. We’re sure that it will prove tremendously fruitful to those interested in attending.


 We’re sure that interest will be sky-high for the event given that it’s the Expo’s first stop in Dubai, so if you’re interested in attending you should be sure to register early.

The IFIN Expo is yet another large, global summit slated to be held in Dubai, and more are assuredly on their way. With networking being so key to success in this competitive market, you should take every opportunity available to you to meet new people and extract key ideas from influential industry insiders.

We hope to see you there!

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