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4 Events to Look Forward to in Dubai in 2022

Everyone is excited about the prospects offered by a new year.

That goes double when the new year in question prompts an even bigger return to normalcy after long, difficult periods.

Between Oktoberfest, Expo 2020 and events like the iFX , Dubai is already well on its way to making 2022 a watershed year with new events, trade shows, industry gatherings and more!

Today, we’re going to take a look at four such events—some will appeal to travelers and consumers, some will appeal to businesses, but they’re all a wonderful sign of things to come in the not-too-distant future.


It’s important to remember that in an ever-changing global context, many events can be rescheduled, moved or cancelled entirely.

While these events are still on track to be held as expected, it’s important to remain flexible! Thankfully, Dubai has plenty of activities to keep you occupied, so remember that whether you’re a tourist or resident, you’ll never be stuck with nothing to do.

1. EXPO 2020 DUBAI

While it’s not exactly new, Expo 2020 continues to be held in the Dubai Exhibition Centre through the end of May, and if you haven’t had a chance to partake in the festivities, we highly recommend that you do!

With plenty to see and do, the Expo has been a rousing success up to this point. A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won’t want to miss, Expo 2020 should be at the top of your priority list if you find yourself in Dubai in early 2022.


Scheduled to be held at the majestic Dubai Marina between the 8-12 of March, the Dubai International Boat Show promises to have something for everyone!

Whether you’re an enthusiast or simply looking to take in the sights of some of the world’s finest luxury yachts on the beach, the show promises to be a fun, safe day out in the sun, sand and sea.


While Dubai’s Global Village is one of the world’s premier amusement parks as opposed to an event in and of itself, you might be surprised to learn that the park has plenty of scheduled events to keep you busy into the new year!

Between celebrations for the holidays, Chinese New Year and a variety of spectacular shows, Global Village has something for everyone!

Available year-round, a visit is well-worth the effort for the spectacular experiences and fun activities.


An ongoing trade show focused on the spirit of innovation across all walks of life, Innovation Arabia will hold its Summit on February 14th, a date that will be marked with keynote speeches from some of the world’s leading innovation experts.

Until then, attendees can enjoy another conference on January 25th focused on addressing innovation and sustainability.

The event is attended by industry thought leaders as well as investors, making the trade show an exceptional way for business leaders to network in the city.

While many events had to be moved or cancelled in the wake of the coronavirus, Dubai has found its footing with Expo 2020, and its momentum doesn’t look likely to stop any time soon!

Whether you’re interested in a fun weekend out or an informative trade show to bolster your business connections, Dubai is poised to have something for everyone in 2022.

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