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4 Fintech Events You Should Mark Your Calendar for in 2023

Dubai is one of the most fintech-friendly locations in the world, and a real hub of contemporary finance, welcoming businesses from Europe and around the world to outstanding events.


Events in Dubai regularly attract top professionals, world leaders, and even novices from a variety of industries including banking, finance, insurance, exchanges, payment systems, and investing.


That means that, if you’re a business focused in this dynamic, fast-moving space, these conferences and events present a real opportunity for you to network, connect with like-minded individuals, and break into the industry.

Why Are Dubai’s Events Important?

In the post-pandemic age, everyone is searching for credible networking events where we can meet and pick the brains of individuals who are experts in the sector. The financial industry and fintech companies from Dubai and APAC attend important conferences and events every year.


These events, both physical and virtual, provide excellent networking opportunities and a chance to meet our peers. Additionally, they provide the ideal environments for discussing important data and insights as well as learning more about recent advancements in fintech.


We imagine a society without pandemics, few travel limitations, increased learning and networking, and eventually, increased commerce. In light of this optimism, we have put together a list of the best fintech events to go to in Dubai in 2023.

1) iFX Expo Dubai

From 16 to 18 January, join your peers in the stunning city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Sheikh, Zayed Rd, Trade Centre, and learn everything a financial firm might possibly need to know, from trading platforms and cryptocurrencies to the newest e-wallet technology.


The visitors, exhibitors, and sponsors, who include successful start-ups, top worldwide brands, and industry heavyweights, will take part in the networking event that gives you the necessary resources to successfully expand your company.


It’s the industry gathering that everyone is talking about, offering countless chances to network with C-level executives from the biggest worldwide firms and inspiring industry thought leaders.

2) FiNext Conference & Expo Dubai 2023

Hosted in the Fintech Capital of the world, The FiNext Conference in Dubai brings together top-tier business executives from the global finance and banking sectors. Discover where ground-breaking alliances are formed, where innovation is amplified, and where the best ideas are developed on April 26th and 27th, 2023 at the Meridian Hotel & Conference Centre in Dubai.


All financial professionals are encouraged to join this two-day conference to look at new opportunities and creative banking sector solutions. This is a great chance to get your hands on the newest goods and innovations that are changing the face of banking.


The event also offers the ideal venue for investors to meet the innovators behind the newest financial advances, hear about their solutions during investor-specific sessions, and network with business titans.


Top-level executives from the biggest international companies will meet at the FiNext Conference Dubai 2023, providing you with a venue to network, expand your company, and take part in enlightening content.

3) Seamless – Middle East 2023

The sharpest and most creative minds from the payments, fintech, banking, retail, e-commerce, digital marketing, home delivery, cards, and identification industries will gather from 23 to 24 of May in the outstanding location of Dubai World Trade Centre.


A two-day international conference featuring more than 500 presenters will address the newest trends, market disruptors, and innovations influencing the payments, finance, retail, digital, logistical, and e-commerce industries. Industry experts from top financial institutions, fintechs, investors, analysts, and solution providers will go in-depth on every facet of digital transformation in financial services.

4) Fintech Surge

The Middle East and North Africa’s unrivalled meeting place for global fintech leaders will enable you to see and experience some of the biggest technological revolutions shaking up the financial industry. Fintech strategy in the area will be redefined by more than 100 ground-breaking talks by international regulators and financial institutions.


From the 16th to the 20th of October at Dubai World Trade Centre, take the opportunity to see the most recent innovations in financial technology that businesses can use, hear from professionals who can assist you in making future plans, and make connections with those who can help you grow your company.

Are You Excited Yet?

These events are merely the tip of the iceberg! Dubai is set to host a flurry of events in 2023, and not only in the financial space. A wide range of forthcoming business events across industries from IT to agribusiness, as well as conferences, forums, fairs, and expos, are constantly making Dubai their hub.


Such gatherings bring together top corporations, knowledgeable lecturers, and passionate visionaries to define answers to pertinent problems, network and discover partners, communicate, and develop new ideas. We look forward to seeing you at some of these marquee events!

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