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Securing the Right Office in Dubai for Your Business


Whether you’re entirely new to Dubai or have been established for some time and are just now embarking on the process of expanding your business, one of the first steps that you’re undoubtedly taking is finding the right office space for your new venture. 


By this stage of the process, we’re assuming that you already know where, in a general sense, your business should be located, so we’re instead going to focus this guide on making sure that you’re equipped with the knowledge that you need to secure the right office in Dubai for your needs. Regardless of your industry or stage in your development, you’ll undoubtedly find the information contained within useful. 


Often something that homeowners put a great deal of emphasis on, the physical location of your office is also critically important to success of the business of a whole. A location that is central, easily accessible and within close proximity to your current employees will undoubtedly go a long way towards building productivity as commutes will be shorter, day-to-day satisfaction will be improved and your business will lose less time each and every day due to late arrivals. 


More importantly, finding the right office in Dubai signals your intent and mandate to the market at large. A prestigious location right at the heart of your chosen free zone will go a long way towards building brand awareness among your target demographic. 


If you’re completely new to the region, your primary consideration is probably the cost of the office space itself. After all, new businesses often are forced to go “lean” while they build up their presence in the local market, especially in one as competitive as Dubai. Often, this key consideration encourages businesses to become more conservative with their assessment of their needs and settle for something that may be adequate only in the short term. 


Something to keep in mind, however, is that this doesn’t necessarily equate to lower costs in the long term. Moving all of your equipment to a new space should you choose to move, the productivity costs associated with relocating all of your employees alongside the costs of outfitting the new spaces to meet your requirements should all be carefully assessed. Sometimes it’s better to grow into your current space than to jump ship to a new location just a year or two down the line. 


With face-to-face meetings so important in Dubai, you’ll undoubtedly require a space that is fit to accommodate clients and potential business partners. While startup culture may prefer open-concept spaces and a less formal design philosophy, Dubai’s business environment is one in which formality can pay huge dividends. You may find everything you need, but if it’s not fit with conference rooms and, preferably, a reception area where guests can wait in comfort, chances are you’ll be looking to upgrade before long. 


It’s important to remember that exceptions can always be made—if your business is one in which you’ll be dealing primarily with foreign businesses, the lack of such features may not matter that much. Regardless, if you intend to host locals at any point, it may be worth prioritising these features from the outset of your search. 


The hunt for an office in Dubai is complex, but it’s something that’s made much easier by turning to a local support system. Given a wide array of experience in the market, they can expertly guide you through the most common pitfalls plaguing businesses new to the region. Whether it’s undesirable locations or realtors with bad reputations, their insight will go a long way towards ensuring that you find a suitable location for your business that can adequately serve you for years to come. 


If you’ve made the decision to bring your business to Dubai, then you’re probably on the hunt for the right location. This article has given you a few preliminary things to think about, but they’re by no means the only factors you’ll be forced to consider. Thankfully, given Dubai’s position as a global business hub, there will always be someone within reach that you can turn to for advice and support. 

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