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Business Advantages of Dubai’s “Smart City” Strategy

In its bid to become one of the world’s premier technological hubs, Dubai launched its “smart city” strategy with the goal of achieving its desired results by 2021. Now that we’re just one year shy of this original benchmark, the city—and its residents—are beginning to really reap the rewards. 


Most intriguing, however, are the advantages that these smart city initiatives offer for businesses—the opportunities presented are attracting a great deal of foreign interest, and for good reason! In this article, we’re going to look at what, precisely, is making doing business in Dubai a truly attractive proposition. 


One of the true pioneers when it comes to wireless access and connectivity, Dubai was one of the first cities to roll out a commercial 5G network. Enabling data transfer speeds of up to 20 gigabits per second, 5G transforms the way that business is handled by enabling seamless, uninterrupted connectivity. 


The advantages that this offers for businesses is massive, as it facilitates the day-to-day operations of businesses across industries. From software development to web design, Dubai’s wireless infrastructure has enabled it to become a global leader in high-tech work. This means that, whether you’re launching a tech-focused startup or bringing a branch of an existing company to market, you can lean on an incredibly powerful, efficient infrastructure to lend you a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. 


A big part of Dubai’s smart city strategy is the improvement of resident happiness levels through greater access to digitised social services. Whether it’s via blockchain and digital currencies, healthcare, entertainment or education, the city has emphasised the importance of bringing services to the masses through its high-tech infrastructure. 

This initiative has not only fostered a population that is increasingly satisfied with today’s digital economy but also created a workforce that is much more comfortable with the day-to-day use of different applications and operating environments. This means that, regardless of your industry or field, you can staff your teams with a connected, savvy workforce that can bring a great deal of added value to your operations. 



One of the initiatives that often goes unheralded is the city’s commitment to improving the mobility of its citizens through a wide range of objectives. Foremost among them, encouraging the development—and adoption of—autonomous vehicles and shared transit options, thus reducing traffic, improving air quality and reducing overall pollution. 

The city’s focus on technological adoption and awareness ties into this initiative as well, as a greater emphasis placed on offering core services through digital distribution methods reduces the need for individuals to drive to physical service centres. 

While this may seem, superficially, to do little to help businesses, it actually offers a few notable advantages to employee reliability and well-being. Reducing traffic and emissions not only streamlines the commute to your office, giving you much greater flexibility when it comes to the location of your branch but also improves employee attitudes by assuring them of a reduced carbon footprint, improving their levels of engagement and productivity while at the office. 

Additionally, employee “mobility” is also enhanced through the proliferation of high-speed home internet that facilitates telecommuting, another way that you can improve employee productivity and satisfaction. 


One of the biggest challenges in bringing your business to a foreign market is ensuring that you have sufficient support for all of your needs. Through its well-connected infrastructure and diversified economy, Dubai boasts impressive levels of service in a variety of industries, including research and development, accounting, financial management and more, creating a reliable hub of business services that can offer you everything that you need to find unparalleled success and profitability. 

Dubai’s smart city strategy intended to transform the economic landscape of the city into something that could compete with leading business hubs across the globe. We can say with confidence that it not only has the strategy been a rousing success but also created an attractive, appealing landscape to businesses across the world. Regardless of industry sector, Dubai’s technological initiatives has assured that you can find everything you need to find success.


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